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Setting my Reign 2 up for Whistler (questions)

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I have the joyous opportunity to spend a week in Whistler, BC in August and I wanted some suggestions about setting my 05 Reign 2 up for MODERATE lift access riding. I have no intention of hucking huge drops (3-4 foot max), but I plan to at least ride the lifts a couple of days and the surrounding trails on the others.

The bike is currently at the LBS and is getting an 8" front rotor and an X-stiff spring kit for the 05 Nixon fork - so those steps are out of the way.

I've got a few more weeks prior to the adventure and was wondering if there are any suggestions to getting the bike more gravity oriented. I'm 6'2/215 and have my Swinger 3-way set pretty plush. I haven't bottomed it out yet, but I'm using a bunch of the travel just ridding hard on the trails. Any suggestions on the set-up with the 3-way? How about with the Nixon. I know I'll have to get used to the new spring kit, but what about the rebound/dampening settings?

I'm still running the Hutchinson tires that came with the bike and haven't upgraded yet. I normally ride in NW Oregon and since we have had a dry summer they have been alright, but I know they will be upgraded before it gets wet again - maybe sooner.

Any ideas?
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new tires. the bulldogs probably won't fare well at Whistler. Try some WTB Timberwolves or Maxxis DH tires. Bashguard instead of big ring if you haven't already done that. Set the 3way with 35-40% sag, add a little extra to the SPV. Try the Nixon where you have it, fiddle with it after the first ride to find the best feel.
Last suggestion: Have fun! oh, wait, you already knew that! :)
tch said:
I'm 6'2/215 and have my Swinger 3-way set pretty plush. I haven't bottomed it out yet, but I'm using a bunch of the travel just ridding hard on the trails.
You might already know this, but just in case.... the swinger is a 2" stroke shock, the shaft is 2.5" long. If you o ring is 0.5" from the bottom of the shaft, then you have bottomed the shock.

Getting that 8" rotor is a good idea :thumbsup: . As Jwiffle said, change your tires. Maybe consider getting a set of DH tires and tubes for the lift days. The Reign will fit a true 2.6 tire in the rear. If you ask on the DH forum, they will tell what tires work well at Whistler - I have no idea. It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but you'll spend a lot less time changing flats and you'll save your rims from flat spots. Also, before you go make sure your spoke tension is even and your wheels are true. Check every bolt on the bike to make sure it is correctly torqued. Buy or rent a full face and body armor if you don't already own the stuff. Have fun!! I use my Reign for both XC and DH and I run a 2.6 DH tire on the front. It works pretty well and it can hang with the big bikes no problem for the most part; faster on some sections and a little slower in others. Bottoms too easy on some jumps/drops.

Personally I'd consider riding the lifts at the end of the vacation :p

Here is a pic (Colorado) to get you inspired.


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Sweet Spring Upgrade

Thanks for the replies . . .

I got the bike back on Sunday from the LBS (they did a sweet job and did it with a smile:thumbsup: ) and was stoked on the new 8" rotor and the x-firm spring set-up on the Nixon.

I did a 15 mile loop on Monday and got to enjoy the benefits of the upgrades. This loop had lots of short, out of the saddle, steep climbs that prior to the x-firm upgrade I was getting 3-4" of drop on the Nixon. Now it is super stable and I hammered everything with a smile. It seemed like the I was hooking up even better with the rear tire as well - no bounce, just power.

Not a ton of DH on this loop, but still plenty of short drops and lots of roots and such. I worked in the new rotor a little bit and I can already tell the stopping advantage.

Psyched on the upgrades and the tire advice is great. I'll talk to the LBS as the date for Whistler gets nearer and get some appropriate tires for the lift rides.

Steve - great idea on riding the lifts near the end of the visit. I will definitely rent the full protection package while riding the lifts - I hope that is just common sense for folks . .
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I was in Whistler in late May and rented a bike to do some riding; they have some really nice trails. One that we did was "A river runs through it" - you can read about it at

I rented my stuff from The Whistler Bike Co* and the service was phenomenal. Their website also has info on some of the local bike trails.

*no affiliation, just a happy customer.
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