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Sette Vexx Size Question

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Looking at adding the Vexx to my Sette lineup. I'm having a problem deciding between the small & the medium. I'm a hair over 5'8" and 170. The two look to be pretty similar except for the top tube length. Any Vexx owners that may be able to give some advice? Thanks!
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downhill bikes typically run smaller then xc bikes just so you can control the bike better so a small vexx will feel more like an extra small ace or flight.
there sizing chart places you at the end of the small scale so you could run either...
i don't own one but i think the small should work well for you. i had demoed a small giant glory and it was just a hair to short for me being 5' 11'' then again it was a demo bike not set up the way id run it.

hope that helps
I have a medium Venom and am 6'0 240 lbs. The bike is absolutly huge with 7" of travel front and rear (180mm Domain in the front). I would also recomend the small for your size.
Thanks for the input. I think I will go with the small.
I am just a hair under 5'9, and after talking to the Sette folks, I went with the med. They said with the amount of stand over the bike offers, it will fit just fine.
I ended up getting the small a while back and am glad I did, it is big. I think if I had went with the medium I would have less control over the bike. According to the specs, stand over height is the same for the small & medium.
Glad the small worked out for you. The med is just the right size for me, it feels great. The only thing I will need to do is get a lighter spring in the fork.
so what's the consensus? is this bike worth $2300? it seems to be a very cost-effective way to get into a downhill bike, but not if it's garbage.
the components on it are good, but if the frame is plain ole junk it's not worth the time. i was considering building an intense 951 (or getting a used m9) but for the price of what i was going to spend on the frame alone, i can get a whole new bike.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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