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Sette shadow swap.

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OK. First of all. Don't about the fact that im going to buy a shadow frame for AM. I know it has short chainstays, I know it is a DJ frame, and I know the geometry is all wrong. But it is all wrong the way I like it.

Now. I am moving the drivetrain over from my old trek, but getting a

new frame (shadow,

new wheelset (

and some BB7s w/ speed dial shifters and some new blue cables. I was planning on keeping the whole drivetrain from my old trek, as well as the bars, stem, seat, seatpost, and getting a disc compatible rigid fork till i can afford a decent suspension. (my current "rst 161 :p) doesnt really do much for me...

Will this work?
I havent done much mechanic work, but have done all of the basic repairs.
Is there anyhting else I will need?
I dont have a repair stand, but i feel like I should be able to do without, or build a ceiling mount one on the cheap.
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it is do-able. just check the seatpost sizing on ur trek vs the shadow. check the bottom bracket specs too, make sure ur bb is compatible or u have spacers if needed. also make sure ur current front derailleur is compatible with the shadow (clamp size, swing and pull). the shadow is a dual pull, just make sure down swing fd.

other than that u shouuld b ok...

i went from a rockhopper and transfered everything over to a reken frame and needed a new seatpost (and fd, but didnt get one since i went SS). i wish my fork had a longer steerer but its ok for now.

i only had basic tools (bb tool, etc) and no stand. the only tool i didnt specifically have was a headset removal and installation tool. i just used a rubber mallet, wood block, big flat head screw driver and a very careful hand.

have fun!
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You can do it

XC/AM Sette Shadow if you care to see
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