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I'm looking at getting the Sette Shadow frame from Pricepoint, but there's no information on the effective top tube length so there's no way for me to tell if the bike is too long or too short. Does anyone else have this frame built up and can report the measurement?

In searching through the Internet, I found one guy who got a response from Pricepoint who said it was 54cm....keep in mind that the actual tube length stated is 56.05, so an ETT less than that is IMPOSSIBLE. Also, I don't know how they can measure EFF unless they install a fork in it so they know the angle of the frame relative to the ground! Another guy claims to measure ETT as 22.6", which would correspond to 574 cm. This is possible, but it depends on how accurately he measured it, and how much travel his fork has.

PLEASE SOMEBODY MEASURE IF YOU CAN!!! I believe the frame is designed around a 4" (100mm) travel fork, so if you have built a Sette Shadow can you measure it? Please? There's do need for a fancy bubble can get a pretty accurate measurement (within 1/8") if you prop the bike up as vertical as you can without it falling over, crouch down beside the bike and hold the tape measure across, and line it up with something in the background that's parallel to the floor (top of couch, bottom of window sill, weight bench bar, etc.).

Raise the seatpost all the way up so you can measure from top center of headset to the center of the seatpost. Also, be sure you're centering the same edge of the tape you place at the headset, with the same tape edge at the seatpost (this doesn't matter if you use a non-stretchy string instead). Otherwise you'll be off because of the width of the tape (if you center the beginning of the tape at the headset using the top edge of the tape, and then you take your reading at the seatpost based on centering your reading at the bottom edge of the tape, you'll get an undersized measurement even if you're still parallel to the sure to go top-top or bottom-bottom).

Another note, if your fork has more than 4" travel, you'll get a shorter reading, and if it's more than 4" you'll get a longer reading because your fork rotated the position of the frame relative to the ground. Wheel sizes don't matter as long as both wheels are the same (24/24 or 26/26).

Measure Sette Shadow ETT w/ 4" fork installed PLEASE?
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