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Sette Ryde Dropper Seatpost problems

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I have one of the cheap Sette Ryde dropper seatposts...worked great until the lever spontaneously stopped working. Now the seatpost drops with my weight on it, and does not return to full extension without a stiff pull. Anyone got any at home fixes for it?
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i think its the seals

i think i know how this post works
it sounds like the seal as gone on it, it could just be dirt in the seal allowing air to pass through it, if your technically minded take it apart and give it all a good clean, i would have thought that the seals or valves they use are an off the shelf replaceable size, so if they are damaged, i think if you do your homework you may be able to locate them!

before taking it apart do some research (office chairs), im not entirely sure if you may have to pressurize it when putting it back together which could prove very difficult.

if its not that then it must be that the lever has disconnected from the valve

if you research how and office chair works, this will give you a better understanding.
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