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Sette Riddik Review

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Got a few days on it and it has been good so far.

Things I like...:thumbsup:

-very stiff feeling, wheels stay in same plane over rough ground
-linkage and pivots straight, no binding throughout travel
-frame seems in perfect alignment, tracks straight
-Nice cnc dropouts,etc.
-dropout has nice flat spot to glue rubber pad to quiet derailuer knock
-I like the large dia head tube
-swinger 4-way shock rocks, so far...
-large clearence between chainrings and chain stay, chain suck won't mess with chainstay even with narrow chain line.
-good paint job

Things not so good...:nonod:

-Heavy at 7.5 with shock, shim, clamp and headset
-could use 1" more travel
-Advertized as xc but really is more like a trail bike
-tall head tube, check steerer length
-interupted seat tube
-needs cnc rockers, would look better

It is built much like the Giant AC. The seat tube is a non-issue with me but others might be turned off by it. It handles very nice, very stiff feeling. My bike comes in at 32 lbs with all the crap you see in the pic like tools, pump, etc.


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Thanks for the review. Am considering the riddick at pricepoint, and it's looking good.
Weight isn't likely an issue for me, as I'm not fast by a long shot and my current ride (a '99 Fisher f4) isn't exactly a feather either. Hey, if it don' kill ya it makes u stronger, eh?

Got fit questions though. The stem ur using seems longish. May I ask; what size frame are U using? The 19" size calculates to an approx. 22 3/8" effective top tube length. I'm 6't/34"inseam. I've been told I could use a 24" ETT. Are U a similar size? if so, how's the fit?


Yes, I have shortened the stem to 100mm and it fits better. I am 5-7, 31inseam. I bought the 17" frame. I've been riding mine for awhile now and it has been great so far. The alighnment of the frame is about perfect. I am using a Reba 115 fork on it. I did change the shock to an AD-10 and it rides great! Coming of a hardtail with a thudbuster my pedal stroke is good so bobbing is no issue. It has faced disk mounts ready to go, a very stiff frame, good geometry for me, the frame is straight and has the large head tube with the intergrated headset. Some of the beef in the head section explains the extra mass but the stiffness is worth it. The only complaint I have is that some of the linkage fasteners are threaded in with only 4-5 threads holding it together. There are sleaves taking up the shear loads at the piviot points but i like longer fasteners so I ordered stainless ones that are 5mm longer. Nice welds, no pedal feedback, very stiff frame, okay paint and a nice ride are my thoughts at this time. I am happy with my purchase. Oh, by the way, it gets more than 4" travel. My seat bag is 4 3/4" from my tire and it hits when bottoming.
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It's a good looking rig.

Thanks for the feed back.

Just got this frame too. I do like it very much. For the price it is a steal with this rear shock.
I put Mavic Crossride disc wheelset, avids mechs, and MARZOCCHI MX PRO ETA 120 FORK. Sweet bike. I'm 220 at my lightest so, this should do for years to come.

Curious, how is the rebound adjustment on your shock? Mine turned all the way slow is still really fast. Since I don't like alot of rebound damping, no problem. How is yours?
Curious, how is the rebound adjustment on your shock? Mine turned all the way slow is still really fast. Since I don't like alot of rebound damping, no problem. How is yours?
Same here. It seems pretty fast even though I turend it all the way down. Maybe this shock will break in with time???
Also, I am unable to compare it to something else as this is my first rear shock.
ride habits?

Gova, 1nr,

Are you both XC riders, or other?

Thanks for the review and picture. I've really been considering getting one of these for my first full suspension. The easiest way for me to drop weight on the bike is to take at least 10 lbs off of the engine. If that's the majority of the negatives, I'll be getting one very soon.
Heres my Sette built up. Let me have it for the purple, I still think it looks awesome with the flat black, I am going to powdercoat the links black as well, I also have a Thomson Elite on order, no way i trust the Ringle mOby at that type of an angle. Oh and I have not weighed it, but it is deffinately under 30lbs, the wheels and tires weigh nothing and the xtr v's ar elighter than discs and still stop good enough for xc. The fork is fantastic by the way.
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Nice rig. Purple's nice touch. Y'aughta do the link too.

Q1: Where'd you get the colored chainring bolts?

Q2: Looks like you've got the 19" and a fairly short stem.
May I ask; what's yer inseam & ht? Think it'll be a good fit for a 6'x34"?
Had all the parts, minus the frame and fork, built up on an xl avalanche frame, can't remember where I collected the purple stuff but most of it is old. I am 6'2' about a 34" inseam. The post is a little short for xc riding, and flexy at that angle, thats why I ordered a longer thompson elite, you ain't breaking that mother.
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