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Sette Max Flopak Hydration System 100oz

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Anyone here have one of these??? I can't find a review on it...

let me know what you think of it.. good or bad quality etc.

thanks in advance....

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I've got one, love it. I got it for around $30 at and I wasn't really expeciting much, but it works as its designed. Let me say first, this is not up to the same quality as Camelback or North Face or the like, but for the price, its worth every penny.

First, what I like about it:

2-provides tons of storage pockets which I use on every ride
3-very adjustable and fairly comfortable
4-3 litres of water is enough to get you through any 3-4hr ride, and I ride in 90-100 degree temperatures normally without exhausting my water supply.

My gripes:
1-the hydration pack is made of crappy, nasty tasting plastic which hasn't gone away after over 30 uses.
2- the valve is a push pull style that pops out easily and will leak all over you if you pull too hard
3-straps don't stay secure, at least the waistband, I have to tighten it periodically during the ride or it works itself completely loose.
4-it's hot! I don't sweat much, but after the ride I've got a big sweaty oval on my back. I don't really notice it too much while riding, but after I take it off I can tell that I wasn't getting much ventilation.

I haven't owned another hydration pack, but my riding buddy has a Camelback which seems to have some better features. The water doesn't taste nearly as plasticky as mine, and the valve is a lever that can't pop off. She also doesn't have the same ventilation issues. She got hers on sale for about $40 but at the normal price of $60-$80 I'd have a hard time dropping that much over the value of the Sette pack. Overall I'm very happy, as I don't really care how my water tastes, as long as its wet, and I don't really mind sweating when I'm exercising. I'd recommend it as a first time pack, but if you are looking for a top of the line product, you might want to pass it up. I plan to replace the bladder eventually with a Camelback bag and hose because of the functionality, but I'll probably wait until mine breaks or just gets too nasty to wash. Even with replacing the bladder, it still won't cost as much as a brand new Camelback, so I say cool!
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are you sure you got it at bluesky, cause price point is the only place that sells Sette products.

I don't understand what you mean when you say "push pull valve"... the site says bite valve... could you please explain what you mean.. I am not familiar with these things at all..

you say you "love it", but have a lot of complaints about I am having mixed feelings now...

I believe I could fix the lose strap problem with some velcro...

thanks for your answer...
Ehhh, probably got it at pricepoint, sorry I'm a little fuzzy on the store, I bought it a couple months ago after a long night with too many beers.

What I mean by push pull valve is that you have to pull the valve at the end of the hose at the base of the plastic part to open it. If you look at your picture, its the point where the light blue part of the valve connects to the dark blue part. I have to use my hand to pull it apart, if I bite the soft mouthpiece, which fits over the valve it slides off if I pull to hard. I can do it with one hand though, so it doesn't really bother me. It separates about 3/8" to open the valve, to close it, you push the slide back together. It's not awkward, but if you push or/and pull too hard, the valve will actually separate into two pieces and it will leak all over you from the downward half of the hose. Camelbacks come with a lever that you can slide down or up to open or close the valve and will not result in the valve coming apart.

I only provided the complaints to give you some perspective on the shortcomings of this hydration pack. Yes, it isn't the best of the best and I don't give it a glowing review. Having said that I feel for the price it provides an enormous value. It works, if your willing to deal with the shortcomings. I am, the bite valve "push pull" system doesn't really bother me because I learned to deal with it. It's not idiot proof however, but I'm willing to bet your not an idiot and can figure it out too. If you want a pack that requires no care in operation and is super comfortable, buy the $90 Camelback or North Face system. Personally, for 1/3 the price, I am willing to deal with the shortcomings of this pack and it's not like you can't upgrade it later. I would recommend it to anybody but the most high strung rider. Again, price is the factor that tilted it for me, if you don't mind a little compromise in ease of operation you will get by just fine with one of these. I am totally satisfied with my experience and I think any low strung rider would enjoy it as well. I only say I will probably upgrade to a different bag (meaning just the hydration pack, not an entirely new backpack) because I've used the hell out of this pack so far and anticipate wearing it out fairly quickly AND see that it is cost effective to buy a $25 Camelback bag and hose vs. a new Sette pack for a couple bucks less. Hope that helps to clear it up.
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ok thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate it...

I am definatly not a high strung

If the valve bothers me too much I will pick up the camelback valve. It is just a few bucks.

as far as the plastic taste, I know people with camelbacks that say the same thing so it is probably unavoidable.

I already ordered the sette the other day, should be here on Monday..

thanks again...
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Better backpacks ...

MANY companies make better backpacks than Camelbak. But, Camelbak by far makes the BEST bladders.
willtsmith_nwi said:
MANY companies make better backpacks than Camelbak. But, Camelbak by far makes the BEST bladders.
when I replace the bladder I will get the camelback bladder..
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