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Sette "Jamr" vs Trek 6000

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So, I need some opinions / reviews / thoughts on this.

My brother is looking to purchase a new Hardtail, and is in the $1000-$1300ish price point.

He's been eyeballing the new 11' Trek 6000, which appears to be a fantastic frame, and optioned out fairly well.

His other interest is the Sette Jamr, which has better components, rimset, and a Fox Float fork.

Now, what I'm asking is for the money.... which would you go with, and why?

I personally told him I'd go with the Trek, and then change components as he desires. However, he thinks that for the $$, the Sette is the better way to go.

Frame for frame, bike for bike, which is a better rig for the money, and why?

I appreciate any & all input...


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Sette does have better components on their Jamr. If he was to buy the Trek and replace parts over the I think he's going to be spending a bit more money just to match the components on the Jamr or pass it.
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