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Setback seatpost on a BLT?

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I just got a new BLT frame :D a few weeks ago (my first SC bike and I'm lovin' it, esp the suspension) and transferred my Thompson setback seatpost from my old bike to the BLT. The cockpit feels just right with the setback and and a 90mm stem, but my knees are pretty sore after each ride, which has never happened to me before. My old bike (stumpy FSR) is built for a seatback post, but I noticed in all the pics of the BLT I've seen, including those on the SC website, a non-setback post is used. I'm guessing the setback on the BLT is my problem and am thinking about switching to a non-setback setpost and a 100mm stem. Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated!

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I have a Thomson seatpost that is on my Heckler that I might trade you for yours if you decide to switch. Mine is less than a year old and is in excellent condition.:thumbsup:
Your knees being sore is most likely due to the position of your knees now that you sit further back.

If your knees are further rear relative to the pedals axle when pedaling then you have a problem. Remember, its supposed to have a more upright riding position as well, so initially you will feel as if it is short this would be overcome by more time on the bike.

I would give a 100mm stem a go or go and get a proper fit done. It would suck if you have got the wrong size frame. This is currently a dilemma i am facing before i lay down my hard earned on one.
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