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I'm coming up on my first service interval on my All Mountain 1 and I've been given some good instructions by a couple of mtbr's on how to replace the oil in the tst cart, but I'm having a tough time picturing how to do it. Since this is the first replacement, I'll be going for a thorough cleaning, as opposed to a simple oil change.

Ok, so I'll ve replacing the oil in the TST as well, I'm assuming. I have the eta procedure down, no problem. The TST scares me a bit, as a friend of mine's doesn't work anymore after Marzocchi serviced it.

Anyone able to offer pics, a manual, and oil heights/volumes?

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tiSS'er said:
I've done the TST service and it is relatively simple. Have you opened the TST cartridge yet? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will email you a cheat sheet as well as my own additional changes.
Just wanted to say thanks to Brandon for helping me identify the problem I was having while changing the oil in my AM1. His detailed/modified instructions and willingness to help a complete stranger are what make these forums so damn good.

Hope to see you on the trails one day, and Thanks again.
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