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I'm planning to do a lowers service/quick clean on my 100mm Magura Laurins (08 model). I'm fine getting the lowers off but just wondered what the best way is to clean/lube etc.

- I'd normally use isopropyl alcohol to clean out old oil but I've read that IPA can cause the seals and foam rings to swell. Am I best using a cotton bud soaked in 5wt oil to clean the foam rings. Or can I pull them out and leave them to soak in oil?

- Should I apply some grease behind the wiper seals? I don't have any RSP ultra-slick but I do have some Finishline white grease.

- Magura service instructions mention putting thread seal on the two lower leg bolts. Is this important? Will a dab of grease do instead?

Thanks :)
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