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I want to service a nexus 3 hub and have to tried to read everything I can. Here are my questions
It seems that once disassembled the internals are degreaser and allowed to then dry. Where I am uncertain is the next steps. Am I correct in saying "standard practice" is to then do the "oil soak"? Or is that generally only for oil bathed internals like the alfine 11 but not for grease based hubs like the Nexus 3?
I don't think I have seen anything recently as to alternatives to the Shimano Blue Oil dip bath? I know some say best to use it but it is expensive and I tend to flip bikes so it is more than likely I will only do this once. Any current experience that is negative when you used something besides Shimano "Blue"?

Then what about the grease to "regrease"? I have seen comments in this forum that is seems to a lithium NLGI #2 grease. Any current experience or thoughts?
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