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I finally finished my long standing project of compiling 35 yrs + of spending time in the High Country of the Rockies into a few "videos".

Some places I got to visit on my bike, others are Wilderness areas and closed to bikes, but all are some of the greatest Mtn. scenery I've ever experienced and all are from the crest of the Rockies from CO to MT.

Bikes or not, its a good way to dream about next summer.

A YEAR in the Colorado Front Range

35 yrs of Wandering the Wind River Range of WY, the greatest Wilderness in the lower 48

And this 25 day self -supported trip across the Beartooth Plateau of MT, 17 days of which were totally xc (no trail at all) across the tundra plateau.

Come on summer, stay warm, and a Happy New Year !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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