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Selling my bike??

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The potential buyer is leery of the Lefty, says 'one review states it is hard to balance on jumps.'
I doubt this is true but since I dont jump, what say ye?
Also looking for the Cedric video of the backflip in a race...
If this sale falls through I may just buy some SL's and keep it.
Then again, at some point the Rize kit is supposed to come through...Then what?? A130mm and 140mm AM rigs???hmmmmmmmm
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I've jumped the crap out of mine, my son? Even more so.

Guy's a wiener from the sounds of it, don't we all know you shouldn't believe everything you read on the interweb? He's obviously never been here, he'd be all over that thing if he was...:rolleyes:
I don't do a tonne of jumping, but I've never found them to be hard to balence. It sounds like whoever said that, hasn't actually jumped one, only looked at it and thought "it would be hard to balance because it only has one leg"... Welcome the internet, the information super highway for the uninformed and misinformed alike..
Yea, I figured since it was great for everything else .....
Still he's probably put off by the look of it. No loss. I don't Need to sell it.
BUT if the Rize guy comes through THIS season I will have overlap. Hell I passed on these wheels today...
Mavic SL's
I was looking at the pic, of just the front wheel and I wondered if it was for front only or Wheel set....
I would've bid if I was positive I was keeping the Prophet.
Every time someone asks me if the lefty throws the balance off, I ask them if the chainrings, chain, cassette, and derailleurs on the right side throw the balance off on their bikes w/ traditional forks.
Ask MILPAT if it's hard to balance a Lefty when jumping...

(from a recent post in the Post Your Prophet thread)
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well, my wheel does always land on the ground after i jump... i guess that's a downside if you wanted to stay airborne longer?

Complete bogus of course, the lefty says "more, please" after any drop / jump.
I've never noticed anything. Jumps fine with the Lefty.
The only problem that I can see is the stem on the Lefty. I personally prefer really short stems between 35-50mm with no rise on any bike that I jump or drop. Yeah, you could jump or drop with longer stems but it's easier with a shorter stem..
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