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I'm trying to sell my 2003 Klein Palomino Race and have no idea what to sell it for. Everything is stock except the rear shock which was replaced under warranty with the 2004 maverick air shock (ML7 I think). I also have a rear Salsa brake booster. The bike is in excellent condition, just need a new chain and to get the wheels trued, free service at my LBS. I love the bike but it's just no good for freeride/hucking/etc... and as much as i'd like to keep it I could really use that money.

Here's a full spec list:

The frame has a few very very minor scratches, and the paint sorta chipped a tiny bit where the cables go into the frame, there is a minor dent on the rear rim which I can straighten out, everything else is good. I've ridden the bike less than 400 miles, and I bought it for 1950. MSRP was 2550. I really don't want to sell it too cheap or ask too much and have nobody buy it. Can anybody help me here?

P.S. I'm also including my cateye endure 8 computer and two stems: the stock 110mm and a 90mm I just bought.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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