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No no, not self help...I get that advice from my wife :D

I am most likley going to ride the KTR this coming May. I have done several 100 milers and solo 24ers, but I have never gone purley self supported. So, what are methods people use to carry all the stuff they need? What do you bring, what kind of packs, etc etc etc.....

I want to be prepared physically for this race, which I can handle I think. What I don't want is to find myself stranded with fresh legs because I packed all the wrong gear, or not enough of the right gear.

One specific question is to do with lights. Is a commuter style light adequate? Or do most of you go with a HiD system? If your going HiD what do you do about batteries? My NR Blowtorch uses the massive waterbottle type batteries and carrying 2 of them would take up a lot of room.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any input. I hope to see you all out there in May at 3 AM sharp! :cool:

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Here is a link to another thread. I am, or will be, experimenting with a solution that may work for your needs as well. You will only have 10w on the helmet, and another 10w on the bar, so if you're used to big power it may seem too little.

scroll to my post near the bottom, or for that matter the thread is an interesting read...

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Congrats on taking the mental leap from supported/laps to unsupported/point-to-point.

What you carry is largely dependent on what you think you need. I'm not trying to be evasive here, it's just the truth: different people perceive different needs throughout a race like the KTR.

And the only way to figure out what you really need (vs what you THINK you need) is to do some longer, unsupported RIDES (not races) first, and test things along the way.

The lights you carry, the amount of water, electrolyte (powdered mix or pills, flavored or unflavored, ratio of mixing, etc...), clothing, tools, etc... is all gleaned from experience. Some may post here trying to tell you what you need and what you don't. They're trying to be helpful, but use their recommendations as a GUIDELINE, NOT an absolute. We're all different.

Physical prep is the easiest part for a race like the KTR. Mental prep is not nearly as easy, primarily because mental prep depends heavily on having confidence in your gear. And until you've been out there and completed the race at least once, you'll never be SURE about what and/or how much to carry.

Everyone experiences this--it's just a part of the process. Embrace it and treat like a fun science project, learning as you go along.

See you in May.

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