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Seeking advice on klunker build (Rear Wheel)

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I am building up a Klunker frame I scored from The bicycle Works in San Anselmo, CA.
The frame is a prewar Columbia. It came with brazeons for cantilever brakes on the seat stays, Added by a previous owner.
I am building it up as a Hybrid and need some advice on how to dish the rear wheel so it's aligned properly in the frame.
I am using a modern mountain bike wheel with a 5 speed Suntour free wheel.
The frame was already spaced to fit a wider wheel, but when I try to align the wheel it is either too close to the right seat stay or too close to the left chain stay, Moveing to one side or the other causes the wheel to be too close to either side.
Is this just a matter of re dishing the wheel? or re spacing the washers on the axel? or Maybe tweeking the frame?
Are there any existing threads on this issue mounting a modern wheel in a prewar frame?
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Dish is dish, so long as the frame's in alignment. Does it fit right in another frame?

Sounds to me that maybe the stays have been cold set for a wider hub, and now the stays are out of alignment. I think you check that by running a string between the dropouts up around the headtube. Then eyeball or measure at the seat tube to see if the string's the same distance away on both sides.
A 5spd mountain bike is ancient, not modern. I think vwbob has it right... Try borrowing a standard 135mm spaced 7-10 speed wheel and see if you have the same problem.
@ Mailyfats
It is a more modern wheel than the coaster hub it came with, I just put a 5 speed freewheel on it because it has a huge low gear. as you can see in the pics.
And you are right, A newer 135mm spaced wheel aligns much better than the first wheel I tried, but still has the same issue I stated before.
I will probably go see Eric at Sunshine bikes about it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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