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Just got back from Europe and saw tons of Koga Miyatas. They seem to be excellent bikes. I really like how their bikes come totally configured out of the box with great parts.

I'm drooling over this:

Its setup exactly how I want my next ride, a tourer, to look.

Here are the issues. One, money. The Kogas are expensive, especially here in the US. Two, storage space. I live in a condo and bike parking is a premium. I have a tadpole, recumbent trike for sale so when that sells, both money and space become available. The third issue is this. I've had this bike:

for 14 years and its been outstanding. I'm somewhat sentimental for it and am considering using the MB-4 as a basis for setting up a tourer.

Should I go ahead and setup the MB-4 as a tourer now, and if so, with what products? Keep in mind money is tight until the trike sells. Or should I wait until the trike is gone, then splurge for the Koga?

Thanks for the advice.
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