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Yep, the trails will be open as of tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Here is official announcement from the FS: Note that the only trail closures effecting MTBs is Soldiers Pass and Hot Loop Trails. All others are open.:thumbsup:

Most of the Red Rock Ranger District will re-open at 8:00 am on Friday, July 7, 2006. We will return to Stage I Fire Restrictions. These include:

Ø No smoking except within an enclosed vehicle or building or at a developed recreation site

Ø No fire, campfires or stove fires except within a developed recreation site.

Additional restrictions are necessary in the vicinity of the Brins and La Barranca Fires.


Ø FR 152 – Dry Creek Road (aka Vultee Arch Road) open all the way to the end. However entire area between Brins Mesa and Vultee Arch Trails (including the trails) is closed.

Ø FR 9904 – Soldier Pass Road – the road itself is open.


Ø Jim Thompson – Brins Mesa Trail is closed; all other system trails remain open.

Ø Midgley Bridge – Huckaby and Jim Thompson trails are open; all other trails remain closed.

Trails – All of the following trails will remain closed:

Ø Brins Mesa

Ø Soldier Pass

Ø Vultee Arch

Ø Sterling Pass

Ø Wilson Canyon

Ø Wilson Mountain

Ø North Wilson

Ø Jack’s Canyon

Ø Hot Loop

Grasshopper Day Use Area and Slide Rock State Park will be open. However, the area either side of Hwy 89A between Midgley Bridge Trailhead and the entrance to Slide Rock State Park is closed. This includes Manzanita Campground, Encinoso Day Use Area, and the Indian Gardens Visitor Center.

Please be aware that following fires, there is an increased danger of flash flooding and falling debris. Vegetation that helps keep soil in place is gone. Downed logs that were holding loose rocks in place may have burned up.

Please share this information with you employees, guides, and clients.
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