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sedona good to ride tomorrow???

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Hi, I would just like to know if sedona is under any snow/mud from the storm on Sunday. Tomorrow I plan on riding broken arrow, little horse, H.T., slim shaddy, highline, and then ride back to the car. Any info on the trail conditions would be great.
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Maybe TD or Zul will chime in but you might be ok with L. Horse and HT but Slim Shady and Highline will be sloppy. Your safest bet would be the airport area/Carrol Canyon area. Most of the trails in that area face south. But with temps in the 60s and more importantly non-freezing overnight temps it shouldn't take long.
thank you very much for your help:thumbsup:
any trail with a northern aspect is going to be quite muddy for the next day or two. the weather today is helping though. please stay on the trail!!
Trails in the village should be good by this afternoon. Llama could be a bit slimey up by Bell Rock.
We rode yesterday in a south facing area and thought it was pretty good, except for a few north facing or very shaded spots.

It's quickly shaping up. It was very warm today. A few more days and I bet things will be getting really good.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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