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Sedona Fat Tire Festival- April 23-24 (Easter Weekend)

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I have been given the OK to let MTBR mountain bikers country wide know that Sedona is having its first Fat Tire Festival on April 23-24. As many riders know Sedona's has fun technical trails that cater to advanced intermediate or higher skilled riders.

The end of April is normally an ideal time to ride in Sedona, due to its perfect climate at that time. Many riders around the country who are normally stuck in a crummy springtime condition at that time of year, might seriously consider giving Sedona a try ,to prove it is in fact a mountain bikers paradise. If you haven't been to Sedona in the last two years, you are in for an unbelievable riding experience.

I, and other Sedona locals, will be showing the attendees a great riding experience. As the self-appointed Sedona mountain biking ambassador my mission is to give visiting mountain bikers the best riding experience for their hard earned vaction dollar.

I am attaching one of my never completed information pieces for some trails and rides that might put a smile on your face. I have numerous other Sedona rides in that might give you a more comprehensive review of our vast trail system. Just search under traildoc to get a full list.

I hear Ibis and Turner are on board, so it might give you an opportunity to check out a 5" or 6" rig on one of the best trail systems in the country.

As a side note the Sea Otter is the week before the Sedona event and the Fruita Fat Tire Festival is a week after.

Hope to see you at the event,



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In the spirit of the New Fat Tire Festival this coming Easter Weekend the Sedona locals have gone out and scouted a new loop that we think will give advanced riders a good cross section of the Sedona trail system. Check out this link and see if ths loop fits the type of user experience you are looking for.

There is a partial video at the bottom of the ride description.

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