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I've been researching funding opportunities for the DMBA and I came across an interesting grant from the Trillium Foundation to ORTA. On this page: you can find the following:
"Seaton Trail Management c/o Oak Ridges Trail Association
$21,700 over 18 months to create a trail-management plan for the Seaton Trail and establish a community-based Friends of Seaton Trail volunteer group."

I was aware of this, but since it was not public I could not share the information. Now that it is on the site I thought I would let everyone know.

I know that Seaton is officially off limits to mountain biking. I also know that it is used fairly frequently, but some local teams, schools, and individuals. Personally Seaton holds some sentimental value since that is one place I learned to ride.

I'm hoping that we can take advantage of this situation to have mountain biking approved as a valid use of the trail. We definitely want to have people on the Friends of Seaton group. I'm in touch with various people and am hoping that we can be included as a stakeholder in the process.
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