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Seat post mechanism

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First of all I wanna apologize if this was discussed before, but I haven't found a topic related (or I don't know how to search).

I wanna know if I can buy the whole mechanism for a seat post? any seat post to fit 27.2, and 31.6. KCNC/Thomson anything

I'll have a carbon tube and I wanna try to make my own seat post, but I can't do it without the mechanism so if you know a shop, or someone to send to Romania please let me know.

After it's done I will show you the result.

Thanks a lot
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Thank you Nino.
Could please tell me the name of all the parts that I need, in German, as the google translate isn't so accurate and they don't have photos for everything, to know what to order.
thanks again
The upper 2 yokes:
1x Yokes für Ti Pro Sattelstütze M5 (Set, 2 Stück) 7,00 EUR

The half round thing below the saddle rails:
1x Halbschale für Ti Pro Sattelstütze 27,2mm 11,00 EUR

The Pin - I guess that's the thing where the 2 bolts go through
1x Pin 27,2 9,00 EUR

shorter M5 bolt (or M6 if you want the fatter bolt):
1x Schraube M5 kurz für Ti Pro Sattelstütze 6,50 EUR

longer bolt (or M6 if you want the fatter bolt):
1x Schraube M5 lang für Ti Pro Sattelstütze 9,50 EUR

All 27,2 parts shown below on my scale

Just a sidenote - why would you want to go through all the hassle of doing a custom carbon seatpost when they are available rather cheap and light already?? Especially in 27,2 there's some very light options available that don't cost a fortune. The most problem i see is where that pin goes through the tube. Like New Ultimate in the past you most likely will encounter some problems in that area (see other pic below of a defective New Ultimate Carbon of the 1st generation).

@D8 - no i don't sell KCNC spare parts;)


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you can get the same things made in Ti from torontocycles
but its heavier.
yokes: 11.5g
Bolts: 8.5g
Crass Bar thing: 9.5g
cradle: 21g

total: 50.5g
Thanks a lot for your answers

I really appreciate.

I know someone who has already a carbon tube so I wanna see if I can made the post... the tube for me is around 20 euros/meter so it's even cheaper . Hope that soon I will present the seatpost.

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