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seat post clamp mounting hardware

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Aloha All

I’m seeking the wisdom of the forum. I’d like to mount a rear rack and carry pannier on my gravel bike (Niner RLT RDO). In the coming semester I might be attending in person classes and even working in a local school. I hope to ride my bike rather than drive my car. Partly to get some daily riding in, but also save some gas and avoid the cost of parking on campus.

The mount points on the seat stay of the RLT RDO are not traditional. They are turned 180 degrees and face to each other. I currently have a fender hanging on there. It’s a little crowed for the rear rack mounting hardware. So, I decided to try a Problem Seatpost Clamp with Rack Mounts, which at first seemed a good solution. The Problem Solver clamp is a bit shorter than the OEM seat clamp. I am wondering if this will cause any troubles for me. (the frame is carbon fiber.)

See attached images

Bicycle Bicycle fork Bicycle frame Azure Bicycle part

Problem Solver Seat Post Mount (about 2-3mm) shorter than OEM
Liquid Blue Fluid Bicycle part Paint

OEM Seatpost mount

Note the seat post isn't at the same height as I was just switching between setups to take the pictures.

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Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset
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That bike will last all of 12 seconds on a bike rack on campus so no worries about the seatpost (bike thieves deserve to get hurt anyway).
That bike will last all of 12 seconds on a bike rack on campus so no worries about the seatpost (bike thieves deserve to get hurt anyway).
I was thinking the same thing. Ain't no way in hell I would ride that to school and leave unattended.
Was just going to say, campus is a known hotbed of bicycle theft, unless you can bring that bike inside, i would not leave a nice looking carbon bike out on the racks. That said, i commuted a few semesters back in my college days to UH and only my bungee cords got stolen, although i was kinda salty about that. Who the F steals your bungee cords! They were nice ones though, Blackburn specifically for rack use. I used my old Univega MTB. Funny becausr decades later that bike got handed to my buddy who works on campus and it became a campus beater and it took forever for it to finally disappear!
As for OP, i dunno, road usage i think might be ok. If u had Blackburb style rack i would suggest gettin different stays and bend them to fit the oem mounts, but i see the rack you have isnt like that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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