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Seasons greetings...

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Whatever you choose to celebrate, hope it's a great one! Amidst the hoopla of the lightest hub, which bike to choose, how to reset the lefty, what derraileur should I run, I hope you all find time to share the love, spread the peace, and get down with some dirt. Thanks for a great year, fun having ya'll as my e friends:thumbsup: Happy 2009!

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Thank you very much Craig!
Hope you enjoy this season as well and have a bunch of customers come into your shop buying bike goodies :D
Happy Holidays from SoCal, and thanks for all the help and support:D
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Thanks Craig

All the best to you Craig! Thanks for all you do.:thumbsup:
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you guys !! :thumbsup:
Good holidays from under the ice in Canada... Wish you all to have the greatest rides ever in 2009 and don't forget to ride those holidays kg/lbs away! :p
Hi Craig!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the knowledge you've contributed to this forum.
Happy Holidays to the coolest MTBers on the planet!! :)
Thanks for the nice wishes Craig.

Happy Holidays and a great New Year to everybody!
Thanks Craig, for sharing your knowledge, and helping us with all things Lefty. Mine will likely be heading your way in '09

Happy Festivus to all, may your poles never fall!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

I really like how my lefty works after your rebuild last month. Thanks!
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