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Twenty Six Bike Bikes is a blog I put together this year to document my season and my fitness. Really it started out with that but really I have started writing and posting pictures about anything bike related I've been involved in. I'm going to go pick up a HERO HD cam to really start getting some quality media up there.. for now those there is a lot of PICTURES which i know everyone likes to look at. If you're interested, I welcome you to follow my blog. I'll be sure to keep working on it given that the season is about to ramp up.. if the weather keeps mild anyway.

I want to share it with the FR/DH mtbr community because i know how much all of us like internet based bike content.

BTW the cruiser drawing on the twenty six logo will change tonight, i just had it on hand so i put it up there for placement. I'm going to actually draw out of my bikes.


Here is the link

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