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what do you all think of the Rocky Element 70? I have read some reviews on MTBR and they all look great. Are there anything to worry about? I ride pretty standard cross country with alot of singletrack and almost no rocks and practaly no jumps over 2 feet.

I can get a good deal on a 2004 (new) with full XT and a Fox 100RL fork.

Should I place the order?

This is the exact bike:


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Buying at S-tec?

Looks like a photo from the S-tec catalogue. A friend of mine has the exact same frame, built up with a Ronin fork, Crossmax rimbrake wheels, and a pile different parts. The only problem I can think of off-hand was this:

His bike was originally spec'd with a 12-34t cassette. The chain had zero clearance w/ the seatstay weld when on the 12t cog, so eventually he had to move to an 11-34t cassette.

Apart from that he's super happy with the bike. I am with mine, too. ;) I've got a tiny bike for my size (18"), and it has quite a short wheelbase. Great singletrack machine.
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