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Sealant Problems

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I just ordered a Kenda Navegal UST DTC tire and they sent a non UST tire.

I thought I would call Kenda to see what their take is on running the tire on a UST rim.

They said I could do it but that I would have to run sealant or the tire would not hold air and that they could not endorse the practice due to incompatibility between their current tires and sealant. They are coming out with a sealant compatible tire.

The didn't say what exactly happens but I gather it can degrade the casing.

Years ago when tubeless first came around I was running a set of Kenda tires with sealant and they did de-laminated and I got bulges in my sidewalls on one of the 2 tires. Kenda sent me another tire but I bought some other tires before it happened again, so I don't know what would have happened over time.

I've always run sealant in all my tubeless tires whether they were UST or not and other than that one occurrence I have not had an issue.

I decided to let the mail order shop send me the UST tire I ordered and I guess I'll try it out without sealant this time and see if it holds air. No thorns around here.

Kenda said that it was a potential problem with all tires.

Non UST tires are quite a bit lighter than their UST cousins even with sealant. 300g +/- per tire w/o sealant in this case, according to the Kenda website which seems like a lot to me.

Has anyone had problems with tires and sealant?
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There are many threads about Kenda tires having issues with sealant, personally I think it's a quality control issue that just doesn't show up when using tubes.

That said I have run both Nevegals and Karmas with my own sealant mix and have had zero issues. I tried running Klaws and they would never seal up, tons of pin holes in them.
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