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The official results show me coming in at 1:41:22 in the XC race, good for 13th place out of 46 in my category. But my Garmin recorded 1:50 and change (which would have been 24th place), and that has to be right. My group started at 9:07 and I looked down a few moments after finishing and saw it was 10:58.

I was reasonably satisfied with my actual time. I was using the correct race plate and they have it down correctly. How could they have screwed this up, and more importantly, does this indicate there were other errors?

I am reluctant to complain, of course, but figure someone else is getting a raw deal here and I would rather have an honest benchmark to try to improve upon.

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I would go by the official race time for the race since that's what they are going to score the race by.
But go by your Garmin in the future to improve on that time.
I know it sounds kind of stupid but I don't see any other way to do it since your next ride you will use your Garmin.

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If there were "wave starts" maybe they were a bit lazy and just used a generic start time for everyone, knowing that they could just compare elapsed times to get the proper finish order and a close elapsed time.

If so, your race time might be off, but your finish order would be correct.

We try to get everything correct at our races and with our timing system ;-)
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