2015 Sea Otter Classic

Hans Rey with his signature grips and saddles from SQlab at Sea Otter.

Hans Rey with his signature grips and saddles from SQlab at Sea Otter (click to enlarge).​

SQlab is a German brand that produces ergonomic bike products including saddles, grips, pedals and handlebars.They have been developing their fit system for saddles during the last 10 years. They start by measuring a rider's sit bones and then select the proper size width based on that. At the Sea Otter Classic they were performing these measurements in their booth to help riders find out which saddle is the best fit for them.

SQlab's Hans Rey Signature Edition grips and saddle.

SQlab's Hans Rey Signature Edition grips and saddle (click to enlarge).​

Often times riders use saddles that are too narrow for them causing them to place undue pressure on their nerve endings. The SQlab "Active Design" allows your hips to flex naturally, 7 degrees of motion in each direction to provide a more comfortable perch. So, if you've had hip issues or alignment issues or maybe you have differing length legs then the Active Design will naturally allow your hips to move up and down. The active part of the system is adjustable by elastomer compound (soft, medium, or hard) for varying rider weights and preferences. They also use a stepped design to relieve pressure on the soft tissue region.

The latest saddle in their product line-up is the all new Hans Rey Signature Edition saddle. This saddle is based on SQlab's 611 Active MTB saddle that has been reshaped with a longer nose and a more square aft-section for better control and comfort. It comes in 13, 14 and 15cm widths with Ti rails and has an approximate MSRP of $189.

SQlab's also had another special saddle on display called the "Timmy C" edition. Tim Commerford is the bassist for Rage Against the Machine and he is an avid mountain biker. He loves technical and steep climbs and downhills and he logged over a million miles on Strava last year. The black saddle has his logo on the perch and his signature along the side of the nose.

Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine is an avid  huge mountain biker.

Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine is an avid huge mountain biker (click to enlarge).​

The Hans Rey Signature Edition grips are based on the SQlab 711 MX grip that has a dual rubber compound (hard rubber inner and soft rubber outer) and weighs approximately 143 grams. For better fit options, these grips come in two sizes (small and medium) and have a very natural, comfortable shape. The approximate MSRP is $29. Both the Hans Rey Signature saddle and grips are expected to land on US shores sometime this summer.

For other SQlab products, check out our video below, featuring the SQlab Fit Bench and Super 6.1 and 612 saddles.

For more information visit www.sq-lab.com.

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