Effortlessly lift and transport heavy bikes with this 7-pin connection-powered, full-service platform hitch rack that is compatible with your 2" receiver.

Spotted at Sea Otter was this fascinating bike rack from Saris. It's one of the first products from a major manufacturer that uses an electric lift to raise and lower heavy bikes, including ebikes onto the rack for transporting via hitch rack. Heavy bikes have always been a problem for older, weaker riders as lifting and locking bikes into place on a hitch rack has always been an exercise in strength and dexterity. Rack arms and pedals are in the way and the proliferation of 50+ lb ebikes has made the problem more common.

Tire Wheel Shoe Motor vehicle Leg

Handle and wheels make it easy to transport

Saris approached the problem with a sloped tray rack with no side arms to get in the way. This allows the user to roll the bike into place with no obstructions. Arms in the middle are then positioned in to place to secure the frame or the seatpost.

Two bikes are allowed, facing in opposite directions similar to the Thule Easyfold XT here: Thule EasyFold XT 2-Bike Hitch Rack | REI Co-op. The key feature of this rack is the whole platform is lowered and raised with a button, switching an electric motor to control the smooth, slow action of the rack. The rack can be stopped at any point in between the highest and lowest positions in its range.
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The rack also features tail lights with both clear and red lights for visibility and braking. To power the whole system, a standard 7-pin connector (used in most trailers) is required. This wiring is standard in all tow-related functions and information can be found here: Trailer Wiring Diagram and Installation Help - Towing 101.

We like that this product enables the transport of heavy bikes by users who otherwise might find it too difficult. The rack doesn't fold up so it's best taken off and on (with rollers). Or it can be left on in an RV or van where folding up the rack is not a big concern. The price is actually reasonable at $1200 and the company Saris has a very good reputation for quality and service.

Bike Capacity
  • Carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lb/each.
  • This rack fits a wheelbase of up to 48".
  • Compatible with bike tires up to 3".
Product Design

  • Electric platform-style hitch rack.
  • For use with 2” receivers only. (Not approved for use on RVs or tow-behind RVs and trailers).
  • The electric system raises and lowers bikes with
    rack-mounted turn-key controls and buttons.
  • Electric system powers tail lights (running,
    brake, turn signals) for extra visibility.
  • The electric system connects to the vehicle via 7-pin
    bladed connection.
  • Lobster claw-style locks the bike by the frame,
    ideal for bikes with fenders or eBikes with down-tube mounted batteries.
  • Integrated locking secures rack to the car, and
    bikes to the rack.
  • The tilting feature allows access to the rear of the vehicle, even when fully loaded.
  • Rack trays fold inwards for compact storage.
  • Integrated wheels allow the rack to be maneuvered
    when folded.
  • Wheel straps are provided for front and rear wheel
    for extra peace of mind.
  • 1-year warranty for electronics

Product Dimension

  • Rack weight: 63 lb.
  • Price: $1200
Buy here now at REI: Saris Door County 2-Bike Hitch Rack | REI Co-op