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Hit up Toro County park before we hit the Otter.
Real good fun there. :thumbsup: Specially that Pipeline Trail.
Hung out in the parking lot at the Otter making street tacos and sharing them with Kirt and Lindsey Voreis before we went in.
Really cool people!!
Google him and his sister, real interesting life story, and as they both say, they are living the Rich life.
Specialized AllRide Tour / Home -
Lindsey Voreis - Bio -
The Sea Otter is fun but not every year.
Every few years is enough for me.
I hope you all are living the Rich life too.
This will give you something to do for 4 1/2 minutes.


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NICE video GoGoGordo!
We appreciate the prop's for our baby. Pipeline.

Anytime you're back in the neighborhood and want the full-tour drop some PM's....
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