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Friday, April 15

10 am - Pre Otter ride at Soquel Demo Forest

4pm - Raffle at mtbr booth

5:30pm - Bike Sumo competition at the campgrounds
The TROGS are hosting its 2nd annual SO Sumo throw down in Chaparral �B� Campgrounds sites # 16,18,22 under the trees right next to the Hot, HOT!! Showers some used during 04 24hr. The Sumo Ring will be all dirt with thrills and spills to be had.

7pm - Poker tournament at the campgrounds

Saturday, April 16
10 am - mtbr XC course pre-ride. Meet at mtbr booth

12 am - Vintage bike course pre-ride. Meet at mtbr booth

4pm - Raffle at mtbr booth

5:30 - Bike Sumo at the campgrounds

2pm - Raffle at mtbr booth

Invitation is open to all. Please post additions or corrections.


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That is a Sweet Schedule

Now that is a Scheduel. Every thing you need to know. Very nice cheif. I will be there closeing Fri/Sun at the booth.

:( I will mis the Retro Ride. I even built a 7 speed top mount with U-brake for the hole SO weekend. I will be doing duty with ROMP that day. There will plenty of fun to be hand for sure. I can feel the energy building.

Ride what you want!!
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TXNavy said:
Nice job with the raffle today! Only one tossed item went into the pond.

My wife is really bummed she didn't win the Blackburn trainer though!
My tosses went deep into the crowd... I've been called a Tosser many times so I know I must be good at it.

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