There are few brands as revered as 1UP USA as this consumer-direct bike rack company delivers machine, beautiful hitch racks that perform well year after year. Completely made in the USA in Dickeyville Wisconsin, they use local suppliers to manufacture the finest machined aluminum racks that look good on Day 1 ownership and even after five years of service. They use mostly aluminum and minimal materials that degrade with the elements so their racks continue to work well year after year.

And when the racks need refreshing and service, the modular systems are completely serviceable to extend the life of the product. And finally, modularity and expandability are key traits of the rack as they allow a 1-bike stealthy rack system up to a massive 4-bike structure that can transport four heavy bikes across the country if called upon.

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It was 1UP USA's first time at Sea Otter and they couldn't be more excited. Finally, they get to meet their customers and hear their stories and experiences about the rack. It exposes a whole new crowd to the company's offerings too as their quality is hard to appreciate when not in person. The brushed aluminum finish and the tolerances of the rack movements are something to behold in person.

At Sea Otter, they proudly announced their new upright rack offering, their 6-bike rack. This rack is derived from the product line of Recon Racks Recon Rack Co. which they acquired earlier this year. The Recon rack design fits their philosophy and manufacturing well. They redesigned the rear wheel straps to improve the ball and bungee system and improve its longevity. It will be available soon with pricing slightly over $1k, competitive with similar products.

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