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It not often we get a heavy snow fall here in Brighton (England)

On Friday I woke up and saw this out the window

Winter Neighbourhood Freezing Residential area House

The road system sucks in the UK , which meant there was no way I'd be able to drive to work, so after doing some remote home working I got out for an extended lunch hour in the snow

The snow was nice and powdery , which meant I was able to ride on through it - apart from in the drifts. Snow riding is great as normally at this time of year our trails are a boggy chalky slippy mess

View of south downs heading off to the West

At times the snow got a bit too deep - and the bike stopped moving even when going down hill

It was quite cold - but with the right gear on i was nice and warm ;)

On saturday I headed out again on my other bike - as my back was complaining about the riding position on my old truth - only problem with this bike in the snow is Kenda Nevegals dont slice through the snow as welll as the Panaracer Trail rakers on my Truth.

On Sunday as the snow had melted down a bit I went rode further afield and rode some trails in woods

And then along the South downs way

One of the few times I'm thankful for horses - they had cut a nice track through the snow drifts down this trail :p

I did have to push up a few hills as the snow was a bit too deep

This ride turned into a bit of an epic and I was knackered by the time I got home.


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i am a little further West from you and we have not had one snowflake here in Dorset.

still flippin' cold and the frost has not cleared all day today,nice dry hardpack to ride on just like summer!
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