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ClaudeFr said:
Has anyone used this saddle? Is it comfy?
Actually, there (at least) 4 different versions:
FRD, I-Fly and I-Fly Comfort

and then there's the I-flex:

the latter lets me wonder if the comfort of the others is questionable...
To my knowledge that design kinda flopped. Meaning there wasn't many advantages to it....
I reccon if you get a SLR(probably more comdfotable anyways) and then get a decent'y light seatpost, it would probably equal out.
Sure you still don't have the strength, but you will probably have more comfort.....

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dont get it.

i had one come stock on my Haro escape 8.3 they are the most unconforatable saddles i have ever ridden by far. they are worse than the tiny carbonfiber racing seats. the shape is like a hump so there is one horibble pressure point. i would recomend a WTB shadow V maybe.

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Second the SLR comment...

which is much more comfortable than I imagined. The weight is incredible at 138gms actual and with my 192gm USE Alien, an unbealable and much more versatile at a reason price. I paid $55 for my dark blue SLR on Ebay and $85 for the USE post from an on-line shop.

The I-Beam design has disadvantages:
- For this design to work it would have to be very light and at least some what comfortable. And that would be very difficult to do because the ONE I-beam would have to be very strong (lateral strength). Maybe all REAL carbon fiber, not the carbon-plastic would do it, but then how much would that cost?
-Not a versatile design. Not too many choices in saddles
-Not interchangeable with other manufacturers proven saddles or posts
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