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Ahhh the pain....
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Did a big loop around the McDowells today including Sunrise and Wingate. Looks like the trail groomers are at it again on Sunrise from the hitching rail west down almost to the saddle. There was a little S curve that was always a little dicey going up since it was loose and had plenty of climbing just before it to get your heart rate up. Now, it looks like a front yard in Scottsdale...uggh. Although I have a love/hate relationship with the section of trail from the ringtail intersection up to the couple switchbacks, I'll go postal if they rake it clean.
Below is a picture showing the section of the trail that they've messed with...
Also, here's a link to the ride too...nice day for a Quad training ride...lots of hikers, but all very pleasant.
For you guys thinking of including Toms Thumb and East end in the Quad, man...that's going to make it brutal...


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