A Dog's Life - Episode One - Madeira

Episode One of the new series, "A Dog's Life"

Following on from the huge success of DEATHGRIP, the new series explores the fun and stylish, zero-limits riding of Brendog and his crew. Jump on board and travel the world to some of the most unique and coolest riding locations the planet has to offer, from the French Alps to the South African wilderness.

In Episode 1, Brendan heads to Madeira, Portugal which is quickly becoming one of the world's most sought-after MTB hotspots. Custom tracks, urban descents, and some backflips - "A Dog's Life - Madeira."

"Since DEATHGRIP, I've been frothing to get out filming again. Going to the wildest locations with the best bike riders on the planet to film the ultimate sections is a dream come true. I feel so lucky to be doing this with my life!"

-Brendan Fairclough SCOTT DH Factory

"A Dog's Life" the TV show!
Watch the full-length documentary from Madeira on EDGEsport, the home of Action Sports. For details on how to watch, head to @EDGEsportTV or https://www.edgesport.com/watch.

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Episode 2 - Châtel - Coming soon! Blistering speeds on ski slopes and down Vincent Tupin's home trails - you won't want to miss Episode 2 of "A Dog's Life."

Video: Aspect Media Photos: Antonio Abreu