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Hello everyone,

I need to ask you guys for an advice, as I am stuck in a process of servicing my Scott TC damper.

I am renovating my bike Scott Genius MC20 from 2005 (I believe) and last thing to service is the rear damper. I managed to get to every oring and replace it, except for one on the piston rod and in a cap on the same piston rod. During inspection, I saw that the oil leaks through the cap while I was moving the piston up and down, so it would be a pity to bail it at this point and close it back without replacing them.

I found some websites with instructions of how to service Scott TC, but they all skip the part that I am stuck on. The best thread seems to be this one:

I also enclose photo of my damper in current state, a photo of the piston with rod that someone else unscrewed, and one more photo showing disassembled piston rod with two DIY aluminum clamps, but it feels quite risky this way. I am not sure if this is the only way of doing it, so my question is if there is any other solution? Maybe it is the same for every dampers that most of you already know about?

I hope someone could help me out with this problem. Thank you!

EDIT: There is also one more thing, which is a lock-out option of this damper. There is another piston rod moving inside the visible one, that opens or closes the flow of the oil. But it won't come out. Because of it, I can only unscrew the piston itself from the other side on the rod, but it still hangs on a second piston which is inside of it.. Please help and thank you!


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