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After long period of wondering should I or shouldn't I drill a hole in my credit card and go for the Genius, I decided what the heck and went for shiny black-red new bike.

So far I did come up with some changes, mainly due to the mud on the trials here in the UK. First of all, completely different set of wheels, front being a Hope Pro 2 front hub and DT Swiss EX 5.1d rim and rear wheel: red Rohloff Speedhub and EX 5.1d rim, Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 on both wheels.
I have not decided yet what kind of spokes will be used, therefore some suggestions will be great. I am roughly 255lb with gear, mostly ride agressive XC, not much into drops, etc. I will be using my new ride for all day trail riding, may start thinking about doing some marathons, not for top results, rather for fun and experience.

I am quite heavy, so not weight weenies upgrades now, but it would be great to hear what you guys would change on my bike. First of all, what spokes should I use for my type of riding and the weight, also, since the front wheel will be changed, I was thinking about 203mm rotor instead of 160.

so people, any suggestions?

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