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Scott Genius (LT) small bump performance

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Hey Everyone,

I have tried searching high and low on the net to get some input on this. Most reviewers say they weren't able to test the bike over true small bump stuff (conveniently), while others just don't seem to know what they are talking about in the first place.

Anyways, where I ride (interior of BC), the trails are routinely packed with small (and square edge) bumps, yet are still quite high speed. Inevitably, these trails tend to jam up the rear suspension and I have yet to find a bike that really performs to how I like it on these trails.

My local shop is willing to give me a pretty good deal on a Genius LT, so I am just trying to get some feedback from Genius users.

How is the small bump performance? I have heard some riders comment that it's not very good, while others say it's quite good.

Any input on general suspension performance on technical trails would be appreciated.


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Hey Mike
I have the LT 20 but so far have not had enough time on the bike to answer competently .
The LBS set the shock too firmly for my weight and I have not had a solid ride since adjusting appropriately.
My overall impression of the bike is that it is likely to live up to the hype:thumbsup:
I am about to head to Mt Buller in Australia for a week of riding (next week)-it has a mix of XC/skills park/downhill.
I will try and let you know my impressions after that ...
There is a lot more 'talk' on the 'Euro' forums
Cheers -you might get an answer there?
My impression is that the shock has fairly light compression damping, both HSC and LSC. It feels pretty plush to me over small bumps, though my preference for slow rebound combined with the soft compression damping causes it to pack up some. For another bike to have even better (plusher) small bump feel it would have to use even lighter damping and that would be a turn off to me. I'm actually considering talking to DT (their US facility is nearby) about tuning my shock with more LSC and a touch more HSC to give it a firmer feel and better bottoming resistance. This idea came to me when I was really beating on it though and I need to test more to be sure the current settings aren't good enough.
That was a bit of my fear, as I too like a plus suspension (even on my Spark, I sit at around 30% sag, and have had a Monarch custom tuned to accomodate it).

I was concerned that the shock would pack in (or out in this case), as this has been a traditional disadvantage of pull shocks in specific, and air shocks more generally (at least with my setting preferences).

I'd be curious to hear what DT Swiss says when you talk to them.

Thanks for the feedback!
By running the shock in "low" (13.5" BB) I've been experimenting with running only 25% sag. This reduces packing and bottoming. Keep in mind that as a pro DHer I hit stuff hard. The compression damping probably suits most people fine but I'm used to firmer settings that give up some plushness for control*. I'm gonna keep testing for a couple months and hold off on requesting a re-tune till June.

*When you talk about small bump compliance this is always the trade-off. For the plushest feel over small bumps you want just enough compression damping and somewhat fast rebound. Those settings result in wallow and bucking in other situations so I'm willing to sacrifice some plushness.
Hi guys. My question is if you try to dial your bike for plushness, would that increase the liklihood of bottoming out? This would seem logical. I got my lt a few weeks ago and am still trying to learn about rear suspension having had a ht. I'm just glad for any plushness at this point. :thumbsup:
You can't make any compression damping adjustments with this shock. You can only play with positive and negative air pressures to adjust the sag, bottom-out resistance, and general firmness. The amount (or lack) off compression damping is what makes this shock so supple on small bumps. The downside is you need to run a lot of positive air pressure to resist bottoming and then find a negative pressure that results in good sag and a nice ride.

I think this shock needs more Low Speed Compression damping, which would make it slightly harsher but resist wallowing and bottoming much better.
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