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Scott Genius LT MC 20
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It was a standard 2006 genius when I bought it. It was very worn and in need of maintenance.

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I renewed the care and paint of the bike frame. I changed a few accessories. It feels nicer and better now.

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I don't know what air pressure I should load for the Rear Shock. Weather information is available on Shock. Bike Service said it has installed the necessary air pressure. But the feeling of Working is not what it used to be. When I jump from a high place, the shock does not absorb the shock. I can feel it.

There are two air tubes negative and positive. How much pressure do I need to load which one first? Should I remove all the air before loading?

How many mm or cm should the shock be in the travel position and sit?

In short, what are the ideal settings and installation to use this shock?

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