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I stopped by my LBS for a few things Thursday morning, and was admiring the Redline Monocog sitting on the floor. The saleskid told me that it was a "leftover" 2006 and I could score a good deal on it. The brown 2007 was on the floor for $475, and I ended up getting the green leftover 2006 for $395....after reading the threads on here about them, I figured I couldn't lose getting it, so I did. :thumbsup:

I ended up taking it to the skatepark my 10 year old and I ride at. That was....interesting! Kinda like trying to drive a Sherman tank down a narrow alley. :eekster:

I am going to use it for my commutes to the gym and running around town. In the last week I have bought a Haro Zero One, the Mono, and yesterday I scored a P-Street complete very cheap....I guess I am hooked now! :D
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