A clear standout at the 2021 Sea Otter is a new company called Scor bikes from Switzerland. Seeded with some BMC employees in their spare time, Scor set out to create progressive and fun All-Mountain bikes with fresh ideas and few constraints from big company directives and management.

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What they've come up with is a line of three bikes that are striking, progressive, and attainable. All bikes are 29ers including one frame that can be configured with two travel options for their full-suspension mountain bike
4060 ST with 140mm rear and 160mm front travel
4060 LT with 160mm rear and 170mm front travel

And the e-mtb frame can be configured/purchased with two travel options as well:
4060 Z ST with 140mm rear and 160mm front travel
4060 Z LT with 160mm rear and 170mm front travel

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Another novel feature of the bike line is the use of affordable but functional components. The mountain bikes are spec'd with either NX or GX thus offering relatively 'affordable' bikes at $4600 and $6600.

The e-mtbs are equipped with the smooth and quiet Shimano EP8 motor. To keep ergonomics matched and the price attainable, builds are either SLX at $6600 or XT at $8700.

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The geometry between the mountain bikes and the e-mtbs are identical as well.

4060 LT with 160/170mm of travel
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4060 ST with 140/160mm of travel
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It truly is a breath of fresh air and to see such a clean and dialed package that is attainable in price. We can only hope that produce enough of these compelling machines.

More info: https://www.scor-mtb.com/scr_us_en/