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Schwinn 405

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So I was trying to choose between two hardtails (08 Kona Blast and 09 GF Wahoo) when I came across a 09 Schwinn 405 for $610. I realized this is on the bottom end of decent FS bikes. Does anyone have any experience with this bike or any thoughts? I searched around mtbr and didn’t come up with much.
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Don't buy a full suspension at that price...full of no-name parts and it probably weighs at least 35 lbs.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I am concerned about the weight. I meant to include the link for specs, it's got what I'd consider mid level componets. But then again, it could be one of those things, where if it's too good to be true...
Fork is
Rear Shox is KS...never even heard of
Brakes are Bengal...never even heard of
Parts are mostly Acera or below, bottom of the line. The Alivio is near mid level but its only the rear derailleur.

The Kona Blast is the best deal...better in every part than the Schwinn (and the Fisher)
Thanks, I appreciate the insight.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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