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Cannot decide between these two to go onto my Giant trance, I like the fact that according to Schwalbe's website that the noddy nic got more grip with the same speed as the Smart Sam, but at quite a price increase. Just how much better is the Noddy nic's compared to the Smart sam's? I do lots of marathon style races 70km's plus, trips to bike parks with some ladder bridge riding, small jumps and drops etc. Lot of tight twiesty singletrack's etc. What would you guys suggest?

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Scwalbe tires are great I would say get the Nobby Nic of the two
The Smart sam is a great tire if you need to run on alot of pavement to get to the
trailhead. A few shop guys around here that have the Trance have been using the Tioga Factory Extreme XC 2.1 Great tire good grip Its a bigger tire as a matter of fact its got more width than most 2.3 tires I have used, If you cant find the Nobby for a price your willing to pay you may want to try this tire it weight 570 grams.
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