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This is an information thread, being as its hard to find info on these tires here in the US!

Id like to see a list of reviews pertaining to any of the titles listed use above DH/FR/XC/AM

Apparently via the internet (not sure on reliability yet) theres a new DH tire coming soon!

Now I only have a short period of time on the Muddy Mary and in like conditions loose over hard they performed better than my maxxis minion DHF 3cs did at the park (corners, berms). I have rode them in wet/mud and dry pack dirt so far and im impressed! But then thats not alot of exeprience under my belt with them.
I like Maxxis so this is not a hater thread!!!!!!!!!
I dont have extensive riding on different terain, weather, snow, rocks, roots yet. I will start riding them next week when the order comes in and we'll see how the perform! I am not easy on tires or rims and with my weight and point and shoot style I will work them out! Someday Ill learn to finess! LMAO :D:D:D

I will have more info as soon as the German side of things are back in the office next week. Jeff at Schwalbe North America in Canada was nice enough to supply me this info as well as a basic of the durometers of the rubber. I should have more info regarding the duro and reason behind it.

Plus they look [email protected] good!

Gooey Gluey: 52 Durometer
Triple Compound: 52 sides 60 center ? something else (sorry dont have the info yet on the triple!

Pictures and descriptions oftechnology relating to mainly the DH/FR stuff:

Black Shark Mud:
For competition in deep mud conditions. Small, high lugs and a sturdy rubber compound provide outstanding grip on soft ground. In the narrow version less dirt can accumulate, so the weight of the rotary mass remains small - a clear advantage in races. Size 26 x 2.25 (57-559) with a Double Casing is suitable for Freeride and Downhill competition.

Muddy Mary:
The aggressive intermediate profile grips firmly on any terrain. The SnakeSkin sidewall saves weight without losing stability, while our Triple Compound gives Muddy Mary the optimal combination of easy rolling, durability and cornering grip. The extremely 'sticky' competition compound, Gooey Gluey, has for the first time been paired with a flexible underbody that achieves an acceptable rolling resistance.

Big Betty:
Just Freeride, no cosmetics. The large volume and HEAVY DUTY features make BIG BETTY really tough. The tread is optimized for braking performance and steering. Even so these qualities do not make it too heavy for uphill. Betty can also have a soft side - with super-soft Gooey Gluey Compound.

Information provided by Schwalbe NA today via email!

Triple Nano Compound.
A completely revised nano-sized polymer
base and fillers has made our triple compound even better.
The filler particles that were formerly 200 nanometers in size now
measure a mere 10 nanometers, or 0.00000001 M. This reduction
has two crucial advantages: 1. The internal friction within the
rubber is reduced, lowering rolling resistance. 2. More, smaller
particles have much more surface area than few larger ones
meaning the contact area is greater that results in improved grip.
Result: An outstanding all-round compound that we use it in the
tread center. Beneath this lies the base compound that is light
and easy rolling, while the tire shoulders have the now legendary
grippy compound.

Light and flexible fabric layer on the side wall.
Makes tires almost impervious to sidewall
defects. One of our most effective inventions for Mountainbikes.
SnakeSkin fabric adds only ca. 40-50 g per tire. This makes it the
most practical protection against sharp rocks that can easily cut the
side wall of light racing tires. SnakeSkin - in rocky terrain it is a great

Shoulder lugs with a half-open design.
Arranged in a way that defies logic - it looks
so different to a conventional arrangement
because it is completely opposite! But UBlocks
'lift' themselves up during cornering
and so counter the tendency of the tire to step
out in curves. During inclined cornering when
the tire shoulder is fully loaded it has un -
mistakably more control. The surprising effect:
Less under steer, more stability - "controlled"

Steeper angle of carcass threads. It provides
the essential structure of the tire, increasing
flexibility and reducing rolling resistance.
Much more difficult and complex to make
than a regular carcass.

Limited Slip Technology (L.S.T.)
The tire bead has a special rubber layer, which
clearly reduces tire slip on the rim. This danger
is particularly exacerbated during violent braking
(in extreme cases causing valve tear off).
Our tires stick - to the ground and the rim!

Freeride Version (On Muddy Mary / Big Betty):
Freeride uses: Snakeskin, Snake Bite, Triple Nano or Gooey Gluey Compound and Limited Slip Technology (LST).

Gooey Gluey.
Best control on stony ground and wet
conditions from the super-grippy Gooey-Gluey

The extra-strong Downhill version. It has all
of the Freeride features plus a double carcass
and particularly strong Snake Bite protection.
It all adds up to more stability at the lowest
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