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Can you experienced users please help with a few points? Thanks!

People mentioned these two tires when I posted before about wanting practical city tires for my 26" f/s mb. I'll tire-switch, keeping my knobbies for the dirt and using city tires to cope with paved streets, glass, curb-hopping and general urban hazards. I've checked all the threads and reviews, but have a few question areas I wish I knew more about before I place an order. Also, there's not much info out there on the Big Apples.

BIG APPLE (2.0 size):

- do they corner well on wet streets?
- how is the puncture resistance?
- how difficult are they to get on and off?
- how do the tires perform on city conservation area-type dirt trails?

HEMISPHERE (1.95 size)

- general cornering?
- wet street cornering?
- difficult to get on and off?

If there's anything else you'd like to say about the tires, please do!

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I've been running the Big Apple 2.0 on my commuter for the past 2 years (alternating with studded Nokians during the icy months). No problems with mounting/dismounting. No problems with non-technical dirt. No flats yet. I would run the 2.35 or their new SuperMoto if they would fit under my fenders.
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