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Schwalbe Albert

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I happen to have an old Schwalbe Albert laying around. Its not the Fat/Little Albert, but just plain "Albert" 2.25 with SnakeSkin (I think). My current rear tire (Nevagal 2.1 DTC) is wearing down and I was wonder how the Albert compares? Is it better as a front or rear tire? How does it work in sandy conditions? I checked the review section, but they all seem to be for the Fat Albert. Thanks.
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Works prettty well in all conditions and rolls a bit faster than the Nevagals. I prefer it as a rear tire in sandy conditions.
I would say it rolls A LOT faster than the Nevegal, and with the SnakeSkin sidewalls, it is very tough. Good all around tire.
Good to know. Thanks for the info.

How well would the Albert work tubeless? I remember reading some recent posts about some Schwalbe tires blowing off of the rim cuz the bead wasn't tight enough.

What's the difference between the Albert and the Fat Albert? Is it just size?

As far as the old fat albert 2.35 vs. the regular albert 2.25, the only difference is size.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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