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Schuman's Trail

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Can anyone provide some info on this trail? Is it a fun technical trail? Is it worth doing? Can you make a loop out of it with some road riding (or other trail riding if possible)? Any way to link it to Moonlight Meadows?

I'm just looking for something different than the typical rides around town in Moab.
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schuman's is one of my favorites, it's just short. it starts and ends on oowah lake road so you just ride back up the road to loop it. i don't know about moonlight meadows but you can link into schuman's from burro pass. good trail for hiding from the heat.
Park at bottom of Schuman. Up road to Oowah Lake. Up across Boren Mesa to Geyser Pass Road. Up to Geyser Pass. Down Moonlight to Oowah Lake. Up "Ho Chi Minh" to Warner Lake. Down Schuman. Some pushing in there but lots of good riding.

Alternative is Burro --> Schuman.


Burro to Schuman is great. One of my favorite rides here in Moab. Theres still some snow on Burro but the dirt is great all the way down to oowah lake road right now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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